Where to take your Granny walking in the Highlands

Looking for somewhere to go walking with your gran but the country side in the Highlands is a big scary place where things bite you and you can get lost forever.  Right?  Well almost.  But there are lots of places you can go that people who are less able walkers that you can enjoy and don’t involve having hairy thighs and wearing those awful itchy socks.

But you have to know where they are.  One of my previous jobs was to find places just like that for people to walk in so I thought I’d put a few on my blog.

A great little gem of a place is Uath Lochans down glen Feshie not far from Aveimore.  This place is really accessible with level tracks and a total sense of remoteness and tranquillity.  It’s one of the most accessible wild places I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been the Highlands a lot.  It’s on websites and stuff but you have to know what you are looking for and if you don’t it’s really hard to find places you can go.

Uath Lochans is a great place for Granny and kids will love it too. 

Unless it’s really wet ordinary shoes are fine, take midge repellent and remember there is no phone reception and you’ll have a great day.


Here’s a link


If you want to know any more get in touch!Image

Photo from Kates Cabins

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