The Green Lochan – Granny walk number 2

The Green Lochan

The approach to Ryvoan bothy, described in the above post, is another great granny walk. The walk to the green Lochan, you pass on the way to the bothy, is on good tracks with an easy gradient.  When you get to the Lochan, which is, wait for it, green, there’s a place to sit.

If you drive up the ski road from Aviemore, take the small left turn past Glenmore Lodge out door centre you can park at the end of the road. The track is very easy to follow from there and there are a variety of well marked routes you can take.

On the way you could call in at the little shop at the campsite and have a word with local expert John Rosenfield who works behind the counter there.  John is a friend of mine and has lived in the area most of his life, he is a mine of information on places to go and things to do round Glen More. He also produces great little guide books on short walks in the area.

After the walk you can pop into the tea shop and granny can have tea and cake as grannies are frequently keen to do after any exertion.  John will be keen to hear about your exploits and he likes nothing better than to bat the breeze with walkers of all abilities.

John’s website

Photo Courtesy of Simon Lee’s fitness and nutrition blog

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