Protest about Cairns

I posted this on the UKClimbing website and thought you might enjoy it

Mountain climbing is such fun
I think I’ll do it at a run.
It’s a pity I ever have to stop
But you can’t climb past the top.
I thought I’d commemorate the day I got up here
With a song and a pint of beer
And take a stone from down below
And put it on the top of everywhere I go.
It seemed to me such a good idea
But now there’s consequences I fear.
For every hill I climb is now thinner round the middle
The reason’s plain to see, this is no riddle.
For on the top, balanced precarious,
Are rocks and stones, origins, various.
The mountains are higher now, it’s fine,
I’ve another thousand feet to climb.
It’s a long way to the summit of each cairn
They are like the mountain’s little bairn.
Perhaps I should leave the stones where they are
Instead of scattering them near and far,
Because, at least it seems to me,
That’s just where they’re meant to be.

It reminds me a of a protest song I wrote once, it only has one line…


That does the trick dont you think.


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