Flesh and Fire

A challenge was laid down and, as ever, I couldn’t resist it.  Here is a little 15 min audio version of my blog in which I dice with death having a fry up in a bothy.

Hill Walking

Muesli! Do I look like I eat Muesli!

Listen to the podcast here http://johndburns.podomatic.com/entry/2013-02-08T23_57_43-08_00

The website referred to in the podcast is http://www.spiritburner.com/fusion/index.php

Corrimony Bothy

Corrimony Bothy


5 responses to “Flesh and Fire

  1. That stove sounds bloody scary to me – give me the nice, controllable and fuss-less gas any day! I know those stoves are supposed to be better though – especially at altitude I believe?

    Very amusing as usual – you should be a broadcaster – you’re much more entertaining than most of the ones on the TV & Radio!

    What do you use to record the sound?

    • Thanks fpr your kind comments. The stove isn’t really that scary although I usually end up with a few minor burns. I record on a machine called an Edirol, great little pience of kit. There’s loads of thing that’ll do the job on the market.

      • Ha ha – well I wasn’t about to start a podcast on my blog myself – I always sound awful on recordings – I was just curious how you recorded it and was imagining you were just using your phone or something. They always sound very professional when you do them though and you have an engaging way of talking 🙂

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