LM Bothy -Audio Cast

Hill walking

LM bothy, complete with arrow slits so you can defend the bothy against Geordies.

Chicken soup, why you shouldn’t burn down a bothy and the wonders of coal.  All hot suff as I visit another remote Highland bothy with my trusty paraffin stove.

Listen here  http://johndburns.podomatic.com/player/web/2013-03-15T03_23_10-07_00


4 responses to “LM Bothy -Audio Cast

  1. I think the podcast method of playing might have changed – I used to just click on the link to the podcast and I think it used to just load up and play – this time I had to click on lots more things (but can’t remember what now). Give it another go tootlepedal and click on everything you can see!

    That was especially funny about the time on the best-by date on the food – hilarious for them to have a time to the minute when you should eat it by!

    I carry peats into bothies if I can get any – I find it very good and more convenient to carry (but probably just as heavy, if not heavier, than coal). You can either smash it up when your fire’s getting going or put full blocks on when it’s got going. I sometimes carry pressed wood blocks if I can’t get peat blocks.

    Is Glen Orrin somewhere just behind the Strathfarrar 4? or am I way out? If not, is it behind Ben Wyvis? I’d have to have some idea to get the right map out to look on… I’ll give it a google anyway and see if that can tell me anything…

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