I see things

Mountains are big.  I’ve noticed.  In fact they are really big at the bottom and always very small at the top, that’s how you can spot them.  If you are looking at something that’s big at the top and small at the bottom, that’s probably a hole you’ve got there.

I spend a lot of time looking at big things but sometimes it’s nice to take the time to look at the small things. Autumn is a great time for that.

Autumn sunlight never penetrates to the floor of the glen

Autumn sunlight never penetrates tot he floor of the glen

This time of year you get the feeling that the year is just relaxing, taking it easy for a while.  Summer, with it’s frantic growing season where everything is rushing about trying to get bigger is over.  Soon we’ll be battered by the frost and snow of winter only to be followed by Spring when the world says, “Thank god that’s over, quick we better be getting on.”  Autumn is a time to chill out.  It’s a time of decay when the earth takes back everything it’s stored and mould and fungi reign supreme.

So, I went with my daughter, took my camera and my overactive imagination out for a walk in Reelig Wood near Inverness.  Here’s a few of the things we met.

Reelig glen is deep and steep sided and sheltered from the worst of the Highland winds so trees need to grow tall to catch the light.

reel 5

Some of the tallest trees in Britain

Here is the invasion of the mushroom people.  Armoured and tightly locked together they are on the march.

An dead tree slowly returns to the mud.

An dead tree slowly returns to the mud.

Reel 2

Somehow there’s always a spider in shot

edit 3

The shields of an invading army over run this woodland castle.

The must be a fairy castle. I’m certain, every time I turn my back they emerge to dance on the ramparts.

reel 6

A Fairy castle. As soon as I turn my back they are out dancing on the ramparts, I’m sure of it.

The bones of a long dead dinosaur.

The bones of a long dead dinosaur.

reel edit 7

Lichen thrive in the unpolluted air

(Spot the spider)

All you need is a camera and your imagination.

If you’d like to visit this enchanted Highland Glen here’s a link http://walks.walkingworld.com/walk/Reelig-Glen-Upper-Walk.aspx


3 responses to “I see things

  1. You get a lot more woodland fungi than we do here – we just have a few sporadic growths but nothing like the profusions you have there.

    We’re not having an Autumn either – all our leaves are just drying up and dropping off while still green 😦

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