Mallory: Beyond Everest

Me as an older Mallory

Me as an older Mallory

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us and my blog will change for a while when I’m there as my life will be very different.  I’m excited and terrified simultaneously.  My blog has bee a little quiet recently due to all my efforts going in to the play.


Here is a little taster video if you’d like to know more about it.



Come if you can, it’ll be a great show.


Booking information


3 responses to “Mallory: Beyond Everest

  1. Looks really great and I wish that work commitments and the fact that I am here way down south allowed me to get up to see it. Hope it is a big success for you.I always felt that they made it to the top and when Mallorys body was found a few years ago strengthened that gut feeling when NO photo of his wife was found on his body. As I am sure you are aware he took the photo with him to place on top of Everest when he got there.
    Being that to me he seemed to be that old style Britisher a man of integrity and honour he would never have parted with the photo except to place on the summit.He would not have come down defeated without it.Therefore they made it. Good luck again. Kind regards, Kit.

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