A Day on the Great Glen Way


Here’s my latest trip along the Great Glen Way from Drumnadrochit to Inverness beside Loch Ness.  I jumped on the bus and waved my bus pass. Nothing makes me feel like an old codger more than using my pensioner’s pass. I called the driver ‘sonny’ and offered him a toffee before taking my seat and scowling at the young people waiting to get on the bus.

Here’s Urquhart castle once an old fortress it now serves to trap tourists but it’s cafe is in one of the most spectacular spots of any cake and coffee venue I’ve ever seen.


This unfortunate young lady met a grumpy old man coming up the track who secretly photographed her.  She told me she was walking from John O’Groats to Gretna Green so when I met her she’d done the hardest bit. She was linking up with the West Highland Way at Fort William.


The route zig zags up the side of the glen through some cool pine forests. Quite a climb though, over 1,000 ft from the loch side up to the top of the ridge.

New Image

Now the path breaks out of the forest on to the open moorland, still over 10 miles to Inverness.


Not too sure what this stone says, it doesn’t seem to be a milestone, anyone know?


Not far from Inverness we return to the forest and get some shelter from sun and wind in this beautiful woodland.


Home at Last!  Inverness below me a welcome sight.Inv

Tell me about your walks?  Have you walked the Great Glen way? How was it for you?

Have a listen to my journey along this stage of the Great Glen Way.

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2 responses to “A Day on the Great Glen Way

  1. Hi John

    We just missed each other. I’ll be cycling the Great Glen Way from Monday. Starting from Tarbert Loch Fyne so I get a good run at it.

    The chilly April showers passing through right now give me the willies, don’t want 4 days of being wet and cold.


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