George Mallory – Beyond Everest

Next performance 18th November 2.00 pm Brewery arts Centre as part of Kendal Mountain Festival

The play has been getting some great audience reactions, people love it.

mallory close red

Me as George Mallory performing at Kendal Mountain Festival

Andrew Irvine, left, and George Mallory

Andrew Irvine, left, and George Mallory


Almost 90 years ago George Mallory, Britain’s leading climber, and Sandy Ervine, a young powerful oarsman, vanished into the mist close to the summit of Everest.  The mystery of what happened to them remains one the most compelling questions in world exploration.  Did they get to the top almost thirty years before Hillary and Tenzing?  Was Mallory able to climb the infamous second step?  We will probably never know the answers to these questions yet the fate of these men remains now as compelling a story as it was all those years ago.

I’ve been fascinated by these two men, and the history of the early attempts on Everest for many years, and over the past few months I’ve been writing a one man play about George Mallory and his three attempts to climb what he referred to simply as The Mountain.   My play focusses on one question.  What if Mallory had not died on Everest?  What ghosts would have haunted him, what would his life have been like?


The play is now running to near capacity audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Booking essential click here for Fringe box office

Here is a 4 star review from Broadway Baby

Watch a trailer video here

If you run a Festival or a theatre, or want to tell others about the play download here for more information.  Mallory Promoter info

Here’s what our audience have to say about the play

Comments on Mallory

Imaginative, sincere in content.  Intelligent script well acted
Excellent, well acted, loved the interplay with Moby Dick.  Atmosphere of the war and loss all well portrayed.  Sustained attention throughout. 5 Star production.  Only downside was the music from the other venue.
Excellent one man show, nice to leave the show unsure of the final ending.
Very Good.
Excellent, really enjoyed it, time flew by.
Very good.
Very well conceived.  Convincingly acted and brilliantly  executed.  A good hour well spent.  Highly recommend
Very well thought out and well presented. Highly recommend
Mallory is a hero of mine and retelling of his story really did his memory justice.  Thanks very much for taking the time to tell his story
As a keen climber and a geographer it was excellent to hear and see the life of Mallory.  Great.  Thanks.
HiWe saw your play yesterday but did not have time to leave feedback.We thoroughly enjoyed it and you gave an amazing performance. I have just found out that you wrote it as well which makes it doubly amazing!Hope you have a successful run at the Fringe….you deserve it…such passion!Ian & Breda Fernie
A sensible and credible “might have been” account of how the 1924 expedition could have ended. Well acted, and I could only detect one factual inaccuracy.”    John Norton
I found this very engaging.  While thinking I knew the story I was not aware of the earlier attempts and will go home and check if this was dramatic fiction or not.
Very interesting slant on the Mallory story and extremely well done.  Found the venue a little warm.
Excellent show.Very informative and well presented.
Atmospheric, creative use of lights and music.   Effective understated performance.  Clever script vast and complex story.  Perhaps hold the blackouts for a couple more seconds after moby Dick extracts, allow for reflection/absorption.
Loved it.
Very enjoyable. Imaginative, intelligible and absorbing.  Happy to recommend it
Very interesting view.
Great to have a positive ending!!  Sad – Brilliant


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